Princess of All Things Dainty and Flowery (rivierajenn) wrote in veggie_cooking,
Princess of All Things Dainty and Flowery

Veggie dinner on the go?

Hi there!

I'm new here, and I'm actually not a vegetarian, but I do try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have a question/request that may be a little odd, but I hope someone can help. :-)

I'm taking graduate evening classes, and I have about an hour commute from my workplace to my school. I hop in the car and go straight to class, so two nights a week I eat dinner on the road. I've been sticking with steamed carrots/broccoli, light cheese slices, fruit and whole grain bread--all things I can eat while driving. The problem is that the broccoli/carrot mix is getting a bit old. Any simple, road-friendly vegetable ideas to mix it up?

Thanks for your help!
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