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I'm making dinner!

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Not so much a recipe as a photo log! Using some old favorites (the hummus recipe and the Dr. Praegers California Burgers from previous posts), I threw together a dinner for myself tonight.

Hi! My name is REBECCA! I'm about to make a veggie wrap!

I had some mushrooms and green beans left over from another meal, so I just chopped and stir-fried them in a few drizzles of olive oil.

All of my ingredients! Shredded colby jack cheese, the mushroom/green bean stir-fry, whole wheat tortilla, homemade hummus, baby spinach leaves and chopped fresh tomato. Colorful! Turned out I actually had enough for TWO wraps! In the second wrap, though, I used some feta cheese (which is my fave...if you haven't already figured it out). Yayyy I'm so full!

Broiled and chopped up a Dr. Praeger's California Burger to put in my wraps, too!

I ate the final result so quickly that I forgot to take pictures :-)

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