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The Evil Curry-Ranch Oyster Crackers

This has been the summer of these *Curry-Ranch Oyster Crackers*. They ZOOM with flavor. I swear they give you a buzz. I love them and I can’t stop eating them. I hate them because I can’t stop eating them. My friend Trobee of the Naughty Curry blog would bring over a batch IF I would do her laundry. Vin kept eating them all up, and the situation was causing heated fights, so I had Trobee make them with extra cayenne so that he would stay away (though sometimes he would try. How I loved seeing HIM cry for once. Haha.)

And all this time they were so simple and cheap to make. Grrr. Trobee (the little wench) made it seem like she was a spice goddess and that it was complicated. I guess the NC blog was never planning to post the recipe – but all our friends kept bugging them. So here it is. If you like spice at ALL, I promise you will go wild for these. Like everyone else. You can use however much hot stuff you want.

Curry-Spiced Oyster Crackers
Curry-Spiced Oyster Crackers

My favorite munchie. Tangy-Hot-Zesty fireworks in my mouth, my good god I can't stop eating them! I finally got the recipe (CLICK HERE), which is a very good thing and very bad...

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