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veggie_cooking's Journal

Vegetarian Recipe Exchange
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i created this community with the idea that with food, sharing is good! there are so many yummy things to be made with vegetables, why not share them with eachother? you make a killer ____? share it with us!

i also think that this would also be a good place to ask eachother questions about the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, or to have intelligent discussions about it.

just please keep the recipes vegetarian, though not necessarily vegan...but ofcourse those are welcome too!

please stay friendly with the comments. helpful criticism is good, but please don't go around bashing the recipes of others, or sadly i will have to give you the ol' lj boot. the idea here is to share food ideas, not to be hurtful. everyone has different taste buds.

the mediator for this community is passivefool. email me any time you wish with thoughts or concerns.